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Master of Nursing (Post-NP Certificate)

Please note: This program is only offered at the Lakehead University site, to applicants who have recently completed a PHCNP Certificate at Lakehead. Apply through the MN-PHCNP program, and indicate in your application that you have already completed the certificate.

About the Program
About the Program

The Queen’s School of Nursing offers a challenging and innovative MN (Post-NP Certificate) program to prepare you with the critical appraisal skills needed for developing the scientific basis for nursing practice, and the knowledge and skills to conduct small research projects and participate in research teams. Situated in an academic environment that embodies scholarship, graduates are well prepared for careers as leaders in clinical practice and education.

Our MN (Post-NP Certificate) is a one-year, full-time course of study for nurses who received a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP) certificate from Queen’s University (or Lakehead University for applicants wishing to take the program at Lakehead University) between 2010 and present and wish to complete a Master of Nursing degree. Our program consists of coursework and the completion of a systematic review. You will be taught primarily in small graduate seminars, in which you will engage in a lively, critical examination of theory, clinical practice, and research. The research programs of faculty in the School of Nursing are reflected through 3 clusters of research: 1) populations with complex health conditions, 2) practice environments, and 3) health care quality. Primary health care is the main field of study in our MN (Post-NP Certificate) program.


MN (Post-NP Certificate) Course Sequence

The course sequence is subject to change and may vary at the different university sites.

Nurs 802

Qualitative Methodology & Methods

Nurs 811

Theoretical Bases of Nursing Research    

Nurs 800

Intermediate Statistics and Analysis

Nurs 803 

Intermediate Quantitative Research Design

Nurs 898 

Project in Evidence Based Practice

For more course information please visit the School of Graduate Studies Calendar

Collaboration with Lakehead University

Applicants can now apply to the MN (Post NP Certificate) program at Queen’s University and, if accepted, can take courses and complete the Queen’s program through Lakehead University. Successful applicants who wish to complete the program through Lakehead University can indicate on their application under “statement of interest” their preference and will then be able to complete the course requirements at that university.  Applications for admissions will be reviewed by the Graduate Program Committee in the School of Nursing at Queen’s University, and successful applicants will be enrolled as students at Queen’s University.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is a full-time program only.

This program requires attendance at on-campus courses, most of which are organized as seminars requiring active discussion among and presentations by you and your classmates. There is an expectation that you attend and actively participate in courses, scholarly presentations and research events in the School of Nursing, within the Faculty of Health Sciences and within the University's community in general.  

We encourage you to apply for external funding from professional associations, such as the RNAO Nursing Education Initiative Grant Program. You may also have the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant and/or research assistant.  

Questions? Feel free to contact us