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Funded Research

Recently Funded

Funding body: MOHLTC Applied Health Research Question with the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES)

Stakeholder Team: Carol Romeril Smith, Kimberly Woodhouse, Jennifer Medves, Derk Damron

ICES - Scientist:  Joan Tranmer

Funding body: The Kidney Foundation of Canada - Allied Health Research Grant

Team: Mary Smith, Vanessa Silva e Silva, Kara Schick-Makaroff

Funding body: Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada - Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program

Team: Kevin Woo, Vera Lúcia Conceição de Gouveia Santos

Funding body: Crohn’s and Colitis Canada Nursing-Led IBD Research Grant

Team: Irina Nistor (PhD in Nursing student, supervised by Dr Wilson), Dr Rosemary Wilson, Dr Christina Godfrey

Funding body: Queen’s University Faculty Association Funds for Scholarly Research and Creative Work and Professional Development (Adjuncts)

Awardee: Anne Marie Levac

Ongoing/Past Projects

Title: Building local consensus on clinically important outcomes when caring for individuals with chronic pain
Investigators: Wilson, R, VanDenKerkhof EG, Gilron, I., Sawhney, M
Funding source: Women’s Giving Circle ($10,000) 
Years of funding: March 2014

Title: Chronic disease and psychiatric disorders in Ontario: A descriptive study of prevalence and primary care access
Investigators: Goldie, K., Tranmer, J.

Title: Chronic pain and healthcare utilization in Ontario
Investigators: VanDenKerkhof, EG, Birtwhistle, Tranmer, JE, Edge, D, Furlan, A

Title: Chronic pain and healthcare utilization in primary care
Investigators: VanDenKerkhof, EG, Birtwhistle, Tranmer, JE, Edge, D, Furlan, A

Title: Chronic pain health resource and outcomes monitoring program
Investigators: VanDenKerkhof, EG, Wilson, Sawhney, M., R. Henry, R, Duggan, S, Seib, R, Jaeger, M., Cooper,V

Title: Exploring the perspective of early-discharge breast cancer survivors during the transition to primary care follow-up: A qualitative descriptive study
Investigators: Luctkar-Flude, M., Langley, H., Tyerman, J
Funding source: Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology ($5,000) 
Year of funding: September 2015-October 2016

Title: Frailty indices as a predictor of post-operative outcomes: A systematic review
Investigators: Zalan, E., Wilson, RA, McMullen, M.

Title: Follow-up with early-discharge breast cancer survivors
Investigator: Luctkar-Flude, M. 
Funding source: Queen’s University Research Initiation Grant ($15,000) 
Years of funding: July 2014 – June 2017

Title: Health service utilization among patients with lower leg amputation after discharged from inpatient amputee rehabilitation program.
Investigators: Pauley, T., Woo, K.VanDenKerkhof EG
Funding source: AHRQ ($10,000) 
Years of funding: 2016

Title: Improving health and work-related outcomes in women with chronic pain
Investigators: Wilson, R., VanDenKerkhof, EG, Good, MA.
Funding source: Shoppers Drug Mart, Women’s Health Initiative ($25,000)
Years of funding: March 2014 – July 2015

Title: Improving symptom management after total joint arthroplasty: A PAR approach
Phase 1: Investigating the practice environment
Phase 2: Disseminating the findings to the practice environment

Investigators: Wilson, RA, McKay, M., Lambert, S., Koen, R., Wilson, V., VanDenKerkhof, EG
Funding source: Research Initiation Grant ($30,000) 

Title: Inflammatory mechanisms controlling circadian rhythms of neuropathic pain
Investigators: Ghasemlou, N., Gilron, J., VanDenKerkhof, EG

Title: The effectiveness of non-pharmacologic interventions for neonatal abstinence syndrome: A systematic review of quantitative evidence
Investigators: McQueen, K., Wilson, RA, Goldie, K., Ross-White, A.

Title: Non-pharmacologic interventions for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS): investigating the therapeutic role of mothers
Investigators: McQueen, K., Wilson, RA, St.Laurent-Coutts, W, Goldie, K.
Funding source: Women’s XChange (funding under review - $15,000)

Title: Pain following unilateral total knee arthroplasty: An RCT examining the effect of adductor-canal peripheral nerve block with periarticular infiltration vs adductor-canal nerve block only vs periarticular infiltration only. 
Investigators: Sawhney, M., Bowry, R., Kashin, B., Ip, G., Joo, D., Proudman, J., Bent, M., Mehdian,H. 
Funding source: North York General Hospital Exploration Fund ($50,000)
Years of funding: January 2013 – June 2015

Title: Primary health care program: Sub program:   Optimizing primary care reform to improve care and outcomes for patients with multiple complex conditions 
Investigators: Stewart, M. Green, M., Dahrouge, S., and Glazier, R. (leads). Tranmer, J (co-investigator) 
Funding source: Health Services Research Fund, MOHLTC ($3,730,310) 
Years of funding: March 2013 – 2016

Title: The experience of being on a wait list for organ transplantation
Investigators: Godfrey, CM, Maylin, S., Rittenmeyer, L., Ross-White, A.

Title: The experience of living with another person’s heart

Investigators: Godfrey, CM, Maylin, S. Rittenmeyer, L., Ross-White, A.

Title: Transition to primary care follow-up: A mixed methods study exploring the perspective of early discharge in breast cancer survivors. 
Investigators: Luctkar-Flude, M., Langley, H. 
Funding source: Freda Paltiel Award, Queen’s University, School of Nursing ($2,000) 
Years of funding: December 2014 – March 2016

Title: Using administrative data to address patient-reported outcomes across the continuum of care in Ontario 
Investigators: VanDenKerkhof EG, Almost J, Sears, K, Wilson R, Woo K 
Funding source: AHRQ ($16,000) 
Years of funding: March 2012 – December 2015

Title: Validating a case definition of chronic pain in primary care using CPCSSN data and chart review
Investigators: VanDenKerkhof, EG, Furlan, A., Keshavjee, K., Birtwhistle, R., Barber, D., Queenan,J. 

Title: Validating case definitions for patient-reported outcomes using administrative data 
Investigators: VanDenKerkhof, EG, Edge, D., Tranmer, JE., Woo, K., Goldie, K. et al 

Title: Working together for compassionate person-centred mental health services in rural primary care communities
Investigators: Brander, R., Carmichael, K., Edge, D., Donnelly, C.
Funding source: AMS Phoenix Project
Years of funding: 2015-2016

Title: Clinical ethical committees and ethical conflicts in community health care.
Investigators: Gaudine, A., Porr, C, Woo, K.
Funding source: Memorial University ($10,000) 
Years of funding: 2015 – December 2016

Title: Exploring Caring in Nursing Curricula in Ontario: A Provincial Nursing Education Initiative
Investigators: Rose, D., Mallette, C., Byrne, C., Ormiston, A., Poole, K., Medves, J. et al.
Funding source: AMS Phoenix
Years of funding: June 2015 – December 2016

Title: Exploring conceptual and theoretical frameworks for Nurse Practitioner Education: A Scoping Review
Investigators: Wilson, RA, Ross-White, A., Sears, K., Medves, JM.
Funding source: COUPN ($10,000)
Funding period: September 2013 – March 2014

Title: Exploring early inter-professional socialization within the health professions: Setting the stage for collaborative practice. 
Investigators: Price, S. L., Reeves, S., Almost, J., Andrews, C.L., Bainbridge, L.A., Davies, H.K.A., Harman, K.M., Khalili, H., & Matte, M.C.
Funding source: Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Open Operating Grant ($180,000) 
Years of funding: Oct 2014-Sept 2017

Title: Moral distress in long-term care: The development of an instrument 
Investigators: Almost, J., Sears, K., Godfrey, C., Woo, K. and Wilson, R. 
Funding source: Queen’s School of Nursing: Dorothy Hall Research Initiative ($10,000) 
Years of funding: 2013-2015

Title: Positive and Negative Behaviours in Workplace Relationships: A Scoping Review. 
Investigators: Almost, J., Wolff, A., (Co-PIs), Mildon, B., Price, S., Godfrey, C., Robinson, S., Maranda, S., Ross-White, A. & Mallari, S. 
Funding source: Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) Knowledge Synthesis Grant: Fall 2012 Competition ($50,000) 
Years of funding: March 2013-Sept 2015

Title: Promoting Quality Workplace Relationships Among Nurses.
Investigators: Almost, J. 
Funding source: Research Initiation Grant, Queens University ($30,000) 
Years of funding: 2012-2015

Title: Shift work and early indicators of vascular dysfunction in female hospital employees: A pilot study 
Investigators: Tranmer, J., and Pyke, K. 
Funding source: Queen’s University Garfield Kelly Fund ($9,000) 
Years of funding: July 2014-June 2015

Title: Supporting Preceptors in the PHCNP Program: Utilizing a Capability Framework to Develop, Implement and Evaluate a Preceptor Workshop
Investigators: McQueen, K., Poole, K, Wilson, RA, Medves, J.
Funding source: COUPN Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP) Evaluation Funds
Years of funding: September 2015 – September 2016

Title: The Role of Formal Leadership in Long-Term Care Settings: A Scoping Review.   
Investigators: Almost, J. & Godfrey, C. 
Funding source: School of Nursing, Queen’s University, Research Development Fund ($4,909.21) 
Years of funding: 2014-2015

Title: Acute pain management service electronic tool development and outcomes monitoring program
Investigators: VanDenKerkhof, EGWilson, R., Goldstein, D., Jaeger, M., Cooper, V.

Title: An online flipped classroom experience in continuing professional development 
Investigators: Ng, S., Willet, T., Brydges, R., Grierson, L., Jones-Bonofiglio, K., Luctkar-Flude, M., Tavares, W. 
Funding source: University of Toronto, Continuing Education and Professional Development Research & Development Grant ($4957) 
Years of funding: March 2014 – March 2015

Title: Assessment of patients receiving complex pain management interventions: An educational module of epidural analgesia using standardized patients for Registered Nurses
Investigators: Sawhney, M., Wong, M., Roy, F., Eadie, C., Jussaume, L., Bowry, R., Luctkar-Flude, M., Wilson, R. 
Funding source: North York General Hospital Exploration Fund ($3,500) and SIM-one Simulation/IDEAS/CPSI Simulation for Safety & Quality Improvement Program ($9,500)  
Years of funding: May 2015-April 2016

Title: Assessment of patients receiving complex pain management interventions: An educational module of neuraxial analgesia using standardized patients for learners in the health professions. 
Investigators: Luctkar-Flude, M., Wilson, R., Sears, K., Pulling, C., Hopkins-Rosseel, D., Jaeger,M. 
Funding source: SIM-one Simulation Research and Innovation Grant ($9,980) 
Years of funding: April 2014 – March 2015

Title: Courage to Nurse: The development of self-identity and compassionate care
Investigator: Tregunno, D
Funding source: AMS Phoenix Fellowship ($50,000)
Years of funding: September 2015 – August 2016

Title: Education and practice in perioperative pain management at two academic medical centres in Rwanda 
Investigators: Parlow J, Johnson A; Co-I: Goldstein DH, VanDenKerkhof EG, Wilson RA, Mahaffey R, Twagirumugabe T (Rwanda) 
Funding source: Canada-Africa Research Exchange Grant, Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada ($58,205) 
Years of funding: July 2014 – June 2016

Title: Effective incident management across the continuum of care: a mapping review of the literature
Investigators: Godfrey CM, Sears K., Ross-White A, Hains A, Popescu I.

Title: Evaluating deteriorating patient clinical simulations for undergraduate nursing students: Reliability and validity of scenario-specific outcome assessment rubrics versus generic assessment rubrics
Investigators: Luctkar-Flude, M.
Funding source: Queen’s University Centre for Teaching and Learning Educational Research Grants ($2,500) 
Years of funding: July 2015 - July 2016

Title: Evaluation of an interprofessional epidural analgesia workshop for health professional students. 
Investigators: Pulling, C., Luctkar-Flude, M., Wilson, R., Sears, K., Hopkins-Rosseel, Jaeger, M., & Sawhney, M. 
Funding source: Queen’s University and Queen’s University Faculty Association Fund for Scholarly Research and Creative Work and Professional Development (Adjuncts) ($5,000) 
Years of funding: November 2014 – August 2015

Title: Health professional education in patient safety: the perspective of recently graduated registered practical nurses in Ontario
Investigators: VanDenKerkhof, EG, Edge, D., Sears, K., Tregunno, D., Ginsburg, L.

Title: Integrated knowledge translation strategies in the acute care setting: a scoping review of the literature 
Investigators: McCormick L., Godfrey CM, Muscedere J., Hendrikx S.

Title: Online social support program for people with diabetes and foot ulcers 
Investigator: Woo, K. 
Funding source: Ministry of Research and Innovation: Early research award ($150,000) 
Years of funding: 2014-19